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How to Stop Emotional Eating During Social Isolation

How to stop overeating, bingeing, restricting and other patterns of compulsive eating during a pandemic. Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food during the quarantine.

Can you believe we’re almost in the middle of July already? 2020 has definitely seen it’s fair share of major events over the last few months, all while under the cloud of a pandemic. None of us were really prepared to deal with the unique challenges that this year has brought due to a drastic shift in our routines. Many of us have been adjusting to running our lives completely out of our homes, and despite what some may believe, no one is immune to the effects that social isolation has on our emotional well-being With a lot of us being in such proximity to food, emotional eating has become even more prevalent.

I teamed up with award-winning dietitian and TV show nutrition expert – Shahzadi Devje from Desi~licious RD to break down the basics of emotional eating so that you can have the tools to build and nurture a healthy relationship with food.



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