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How to Reach Your Health Goals While Social Distancing

We are living in really challenging times of uncertainty right now and there’s no question that it’s created a lot of unique stresses to our daily lives. Coronavirus has brought the world to a halt and for a lot of us, this has meant adjusting to a completely new routine. All of a sudden, our lives had to be run out of our homes and for some people this is a big switch. In the midst of all of this, I’m sure some of us may be feeling a mix of confusion, helplessness, anxiety and overall low mood. Which is understandable because in order to feel more grounded, happy and in control, research shows that a lot of us do require some sort of structure. Despite our current limitations, simple tips and coping strategies can help us to add certainty back into our lives so that we can feel fulfilled, in control & at peace with this new reality that feels so uncertain.

I teamed up with WIPP Wellness to give you some tips to help you better reach your health goals while also creating that sense of structure. Click here to read the full post!



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