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GABI Abreu

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Gabi. I'm a health coach and aspiring dietitian from Toronto, ON. Despite majoring in nutrition, my experiences with food have helped me to view eating as much more than just calories and portions. I've learned that one of the most important factors to good health is having a positive relationship with food. Food is culture, tradition, social influence, identity... and so I want to invalidate the idea that eating healthy has to be dull and unseasoned. Instead, I want to show people how healthy food and flavourful food don't have to be their own separate categories. My mission is to bring the two together while, most importantly, considering the busy lifestyles that we follow today.

The Working Woman's Health Collection is a collection of recipes and lifestyle tips that embodies just that. You'll find a variety of quick and easy meals, that I myself reach for as an everyday working woman. And of course some recipes for when you do have a little more time on your hands. 

When I first started my journey transitioning from a high school student to a nutrition undergrad, university basically gave me a rude defaz (I got slapped). I moved out on my own and had to slowly figure out this whole "adulting" thing. Balancing a heavy course load, working part-time, volunteering and trying to make time to cook healthy meals seemed impossible. Ironically enough, I found myself eating out a lot despite being enrolled in a nutrition program. As time went on, I was able to adjust and translate the information I was learning in class into my everyday life. I started incorporating simple healthy recipes here and there and after a while it became a routine.

I hope that the Working Woman's Health Collection will inspire you to try out some new healthy recipes and guide you towards creating the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Gabi  Rivera 

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