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Dietitian Reviews Youtube Influencer's "What I Eat In A Day" | Fertility, Supplements & Much more

More and more YouTuber's and social media influencers are becoming sources of health information for many people today. While some may be credible sources, there are also influencers who promote radical messages and health tips. If you don't have a nutrition background, it may be challenging to figure out what's true and what's not. So I teamed up with registered dietitian, Abbey Sharp, to break down some "What I Eat In A Day" videos from some of your favourite YouTuber's.

Up on the chopping block today is, High Carb Hannah. On her channel, Hannah talks about her health journey where she completely changed her diet, lost 70 lbs, and started to eat a whole food, low oil, plant-based diet high in carbs (pretty self-explanatory with her name). She also has some really cool videos about living off grid in a “tiny house.” Hannah argues that she has a very healthy relationship with food, so she features videos about weight loss “hacks”, the easiest way to lose weight, 30-day celery juice cleanses, 30 day potato diet, detoxes, and intermittent fasting. Umm… I think you guys already know what I’m thinking! I went through one of her most recent videos, broke down her macros, calorie intake and other relevant factors that you'll hear Abbey talk about in this review.



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