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Curly Hair Routine Using Natural(ish) Products

This half up, half down hairstyle is my go to look (especially in the summer) because it's quick, easy and keeps your hair out of your face.

1. Start off with freshly washed & detangled hair.

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I'm not too picky. The main thing I look for is moisture. I've been using La Coupe's Orgnx line as of lately. It's super hydrating, sulfate free and it smells amaaazing.

I also love Cantu's Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rinse. I use this on days I'm just co-washing my hair or on its own to refresh my roots. By cutting down on the use of shampoo via a co-washing regime, your hair is able to maintain its natural moisture levels, so it can grow healthier and more resilient. This root rinse is basically a moisturizing cleanser to be used in place of shampoo. It also has tea-tree in it which makes your scalp feel really refreshed. I use a wide tooth comb to detangle.

2. Part Your Hair in Half

As demonstrated in the video, you want to separate your hair in half. When doing this, create an upwards part on each side. I tie the bottom half of my hair in a ponytail so that it doesn't get in the way when I go to style the top half of my hair.

3. Apply Product to Your Hair

Right now I have some heat damage to my hair so the top half of my curls have a slightly looser curl pattern than the bottom half. For this reason, I like to use two different styling creams. For the bottom half of my hair I like to use a thicker cream since the curls are tighter. This helps to stretch out my curls a bit so that it blends with the top half of my hair. Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie is my go to product. For the top half, I use a cream that has a slightly thinner consistency. I use Bio Hair's Coconut Oil Detox Combing Cream for this. It's a Brazilian brand so I'm not sure if you can get it in Canada, but any light weight combing cream will do the trick. Garnier Curl Nourish Buttercream is similar.

4. Use a Denman Brush to Evenly Comb the Product into Your Hair

Using a Denman brush to apply my hair products makes the biggest difference in how my hair turns out. It's the most important step for me. If I skip this step, I notice that I get more frizz when my hair dries. I also find that I don't have to use as much product when I do this because it distributes it more evenly than if I were to just use my hands.

5. Use a Flat Brush to Tie Half of Your Hair into a Sleek Pony

Using a flat brush helps to smooth everything down evenly to create that perfect slicked down look.

6. Scrunch Your Hair to Define Curls

Using your hands and/or a microfibre towel, scrunch your curls upwards to create definition. You could also use a diffuser but I like to let my hair air dry.

7. Use a Toothbrush & Edge Control to Lay Down Your Baby Hairs

8. Apply Oil for Shine & Let Air Dry!

I use 100% almond oil by the brand Farmax. It's a Brazilian brand but you can use any oil you like to lock in the moisture. (Tip: Go for organic, cold-pressed oils as these have the least amount of processing and therefore better nutrient content)


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